Remote Management

What is ITC Remote Management?

ITC Remote Management is an automated way of monitoring key components of your network 24/7. This is a crucial service offering of ours that every customer we support has working in the background on their network.

Remote Management allows us to proactively monitor your network and if a fault arises we can automatically generate a support ticket and thus repair or overt a problem before it becomes a critical problem.

Monitoring your network 24/7 has huge benefits over traditional IT support as it will save you money by detecting and repairing faults, often before our clients even realise anything is wrong thus reducing unnecessary downtime.

What do we monitor?

In order to keep your network running as efficiently as possible we monitor key components of our client’s networks including:

Server Hard Drives
Server Disk Space
Server CPU & Memory Loads
System Temperatures
Network Resources
Backup Statuses
Network Services
UPS Batteries & Statuses
Virus Scanning & Quarantine

Our comprehensive list of monitored components have predefined thresholds set so that if any technical problems arise we automatically generate technical support tickets and start working on any problems, often before you even know anything is wrong with the network.

How it works – the techie bit!

A small piece of agent software is installed on each server, PC or laptop that we wish to monitor which facilitates a lightweight communication back to our monitoring server in the cloud.  We then choose a key set of critical services that we wish to monitor and set a threshold on each so we can be alerted of any problems that arise.  If a predefined threshold value is met then a notification is generated with this information and an engineer gets to work on investigating and resolving the issue.  The agent also includes a small remote access utility that allows immediate secure access to any endpoint that we monitor.  The benefits of this are clear to see, any problems that your networking equipment encounter are logged and dealt with efficiently by ITC.

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