Managed Firewall

At IT Support Chelmsford we understand that in today’s world you rely on the internet to keep your business running around the clock.  You want access remotely to your servers, data and email as well as expecting it to be secure, efficient and available at all times.

A managed firewall from ITC is a security essential for your small or medium business network.  It will secure your network by stopping unwanted traffic and threats into your network whilst allowing the business critical traffic inbound.  Our managed firewalls are intelligent security appliances that sit on the perimeter of your network preventing intruders and security threats into your network.  They’re also capable of linking branch offices together and controlling the flow of traffic in a high availability configuration, a must if you’re using Microsoft Office365 or any dependent cloud services.

Managed Firewall - IT Support Chelmsford

One of the main advantages of a managed firewall from ITC is the low cost monthly subscription.  Rather than buying an expensive appliance firewall, we’ll configure and manage it for you.  As you business changes shape we’ll be on hand to make all the necessary configuration changes to your firewall to allow your business to continue to run smoothly and securely.

Why choose an ITC Managed Firewall?

  • Low cost monthly subscription
  • Improve network security
  • 24/7 threat blocker
  • Fully managed premium appliance firewall
  • Configured and managed by IT experts
  • Link offices together easily

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