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You’ve probably heard the latest buzzword ‘The Cloud’ but you may not know much about it, what benefits it offers and whether it’s something worth considering for your IT setup.

For many businesses, cloud computing is going to feature in the near future. More and more businesses are moving their IT services to the cloud, so what does this mean for your business?

To make things simple, the cloud means moving physical aspects of your IT from a the traditional on-premise server to the internet with the added advantage of being globally central and accessible from anywhere.  What’s more, your services that are in the cloud are managed by IT Support Chelmsford (a MSP Essex –> Managed Service Provider) The pricing structure is much more flexible and based on a cheap monthly subscription per user.

If you like the idea of getting your email anywhere, anytime, in your office, on your mobile phone or tablet then this is one of Office365’s great selling points. A subscription based service, Office365 hosts your email in the cloud as well as offering a service called Skydrive Pro for storing and sharing documents, photos and files.

For a low monthly subscription fee, Office365 will also entitle you to use the latest Microsoft Office products such as Word, Excel, Outlook & Publisher.

Office365 negates the necessity for costly in-house mail servers and could provide a cost effective path to upgrading your network.

When choosing Office365 for your business it’s important to consider whether your internet connectivity is fast enough and whether a failover internet line is
something you need in place to reduce the possibility of disconnectivity in the event of a failure.

IT Support Chelmsford can offer all the help and advice as well as perform all the necessary configuration changes in your environment to utilise Office365.

ITC Managed Backup

Taking a regular backup of your IT system is critical in case of disaster and prevent data loss. When disaster strikes businesses that lose their data typically find it very difficult or impossible to recover.

Having a plan in place is vital to getting back up and running as quickly as possible. It can be as simple as an important document or spreadsheet deleted by accident that can cause major problems, this need not be the case with a reliable backup solution from IT Support Chelmsford.

Having performed hundreds of site surveys and health check visits, many businesses either do not backup their data at all or have a backup solution that has never been tested in terms of restoring data! If this sounds familiar then contact us today so we can either explore whether an managed backup solution will work for you or it may even be the case that in the interim we can reconfigure and test your existing backup solution whilst an online backup is considered.

IT Support Chelmsford believe that online backup has the advantage over hardware onsite backup as it’s automated and requires no user intervention. It also negates the necessity to buy and maintain expensive hardware and software.

Talk to us today to discuss your backup requirements and protect your vital data.

Internet Lines

With a growing choice of internet providers and internet line types it’s possible that your current connectivity can be upgraded. As well as visiting your Essex based business for internet lines installation we also supply internet lines nationally for branch offices and homes.

Network security is an important aspect of every IT network. This is another specialist area of IT Support Chelmsford’s services. A simple healthcheck will
identify security related problems at router or firewall level.

Internet lines, routing and firewalling is a fundamental part of a well managed network, and with cloud computing becoming more and more popular it’s important to make sure not only are they performing to their optimum but to make sure there is some level of redundancy should an internet line fault occur.


With many advantages and few disadvantages, VOIP is often utilised in small business environments to save call costs and introduce a professional switchboard which traditionally would mean expensive equipment and ongoing maintenance costs.

VOIP is a scalable and cost effective solution for new startup businesses or businesses wishing to upgrade and replace old PBX systems.

Another huge benefit for some businesses is the ability to use UK geo numbers meaning you can answer calls in your Essex office using numbers from other regions such as London, Birmingham, Manchester, you choose from up to 650 towns across the UK.

Web Hosting & Website Development

Reliable and feature-rich web hosting is a must for any modern business. We offer fully managed web hosting and manage everything for you so you have complete peace of mind. If you have advanced requirements of your web site then we have an exceptional web developer at our disposal! Our web hosting and development services are not limited to Essex, we work with clients across the UK & Europe.
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